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When you’re at your worst, we’re at our best. You can trust Invictis will be there every step of the way. We are people too, so we understand the importance of providing a flexible and personal approach to claims management.

About Invictis

Invictis was born out of a need to provide a professional yet personal approach to Loss Adjusting and claims management services. We understand just how uncertain the claims process can be for Insureds at the time of a loss. 

What We Do

We are passionate about providing a professional yet empathetic approach to property claims management whilst still complying with the terms of the applicable Policy Disclosure Statement.




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The Flexible Solution

Invictis is committed to providing excellence across all facets of our Loss Adjusting services and we utilise various tried and tested technology to allow efficient and streamlined processes in real time.



We know what really matters is our client’s ability to trust us. From the outset of any claim our open, transparent and knowledgeable approach ensures all parties enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing their best interests are our greatest priority.

Approachable & Empathetic

Our loss adjusters are people too. We understand the stress, trauma and tragedy that can accompany an insurable loss. During these difficult times it is imperative insured parties are met with kindness, reliability, and simplicity. As naturally empathetic people our team is highly experienced in adaptability of approach.

Environmentally & Diversity Conscious

Invictis is a paperless and carbon positive company. As members of Greening Australia we ensure our carbon footprint is more than offset with the planting of new trees, protection of endangered species and sequestering of carbon emissions.

Our team are fierce LGBTQIA+ allies and we believe all human beings from every walk of life deserve equal right to care and empathy. We will do our utmost to work with Insureds to ensure an equitable service no matter their circumstances.



Our adjusters are equipped with VPN protected data enabled iPads connected to our claims management software to facilitate fast onsite report creation and privacy protection.  We aim to issue our First or Preliminary Reports and any builder engagements whilst onsite to ensure Insureds, Insurers and brokers are notified of our assessment and plan for claim solution in real time.  In our experience this approach greatly reduces the potential for miscommunications and unnecessary delays.


Invictis is committed to providing Loss Adjusting services Western Australia wide and we understand the cost and time implications of attending rural locations for minor losses.  Utilising Zoom, Skype and Facetime in conjunction with Near Maps we are able to undertake desktop assessments which are easy and comfortable for Insureds whilst still providing a thorough and insightful assessment.


With office locations both north and south of the river we are able to service all metro areas with ease.  Our claims management software allows fast builder engagement and our relationships with WA owned and operated building companies afford us speedy response and attendance times, and real time builder progress updates.

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